Style library non woven wallpaper.

It is made by interweaving man-made fibres with cellulose wood fibres at the pulping stage – very clever, bordering on magic, but very boring for most of us reading it!  To save your boredom I have summarised why they do it;

  1. a) the paste is put onto the wall and not the paper
  2. b) this magic process stops the paper expansion so you do not have to wait for it to ‘soak out’ before you apply.
  3. c) there is far less shrink-back when it is drying which makes the joins look better.
  4. d) there is far less mess and you do not end up wearing the paste as you are not moving wet paper from the table to the wall.

The last one is enough of a reason for me and I can happily say it will transform the way we wallpaper.